Friday Favorites

If you find yourself in Santa Monica….and your hungry….

go to Punta Cabras….a modern Mexican Restaurant on Broadway,,,,

Tacos…Tostadas….Ceviche ….. salads…raw bar…..cocktails….yum….

930 Broadway and 10th St. Santa Monica 90401

Have a nice weekend !

~ Kathleen


Summer is here !!!!

Here a are just a few things to do on my summer bucket list….

Go to the beach

Go to a Dodger’s Game

Go to Shakespeare In The Park

Outside movies

Beach bike rides

BBQ with friends


Go to the beach

Hollywood Bowl

A day in Santa Barbara

Read a lot

Play tennis with my family

Go to the beach…..

I am sure you have noticed I have” go to the beach “down a few times….it is truly my favorite ……my happy place to be, with my family….

~ Kathleen




Friday Favorites

Summer heat….needs ….ICE CREAM….

Afters Ice Cream in Pasadena, housed in an old gas station has unusual handcrafted flavors….Milk and Cereal…Jasmine Milk Tea….Cookie Monster…..

with fun toppings…I decked my scoop out with Captain Crunch…

and they have the Milky Bun…a glazed bun ( warm) with the ice cream stuffed in between …the warm with the cold…delicious……





Afters Ice Cream …1265 E. Green St Pasadena 91106…

A yummy way to chill out…

Have a nice weekend

~ Kathleen



Help Wanted




Sooo summer is approaching…and my 16 year old son has nothing planned…

Being 16 , he has outgrown camps….so on to the next chapter…..

I told him a few weeks ago…

“You must do some volunteer work, and you must get a part time job…”

Well the volunteer work is set…

Now the job…

Not so easy…

I can think back to when I was his age, I worked constantly all year round, in every mall, and every store. It was so easy to get a job….

It was SO easy, that I changed jobs a lot , moving from one store to another when I got bored …I REALLY did that….

And working in those stores were teenagers, all high school kids.

Well, it’s not like that anymore. People my age are working in those stores. The economy is tight, everyone needs work to make ends meets, teens are now competing with people my age for those same jobs I did when I was young, What a change….

And I was thinking of the other “teen jobs” that used to exists…

Mowing lawns….because we are having a drought, no one has lawns anymore( you can even be frowned upon if you do have one ).

Delivering newspapers…..non exisistent.

Bagging groceries at the market…people my age doing that now.

Working at a fast food restaurant, again, I see people in their 30″s working there.

Pumping gas and checking oil at the gas station….no more full service.

Working at the movie theater, again , I see older people working there.

And as I walk through different malls, I see men and women in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s working in the type of stores I worked in as a teen.

As you know, I am now searching for a job, who know’s , he could end up competing with me for a job…


~ Kathleen




Friday Favorites

Had a lovely birthday breakfast with a girlfriend at

Beautiful atmosphere…..and really delicious food….the kind of menu where you want to try everything….

And lovely small gifts all around as well….






You must go ….

Olive and Thyme

4013 W. Riverside Dr Burbank, calif 91505

Have a nice weekend !

~ Kathleen

That Wedding !!!!

Did you watch that spectacular wedding ??

I admit , I did not get up at 2 a.m. to watch it live…I had recorded it, sat with a warm cup of coffee in bed …..and

balled my eyes out.

My husband and son did not know what to make of my weeping…

I must say I was surprised by emotions,…

Her face

Her dress

Her face

The way they looked at each other

Her face

His “you look amazing ” ,sigh

Her face

Stand by me

That little boy’s expression

Her mom

Her face

Reverand Micahel Curry

The cello player Sheku Kanneh-Mason

The kids

Amen !

The carriage ride

Her face, her grace…

I believe in love…

~ Kathleen

Friday Favorites

Last tid bits of London…….


Padella…..excellent homemade pasta….




Leon…..great . inexpensive, fast food…..Mediterranean in boxes….went three times…( wish they had one here )


Burroughs market….an outside market with tons of booths with tasty food. The BEST fish and chips….

Dishoom…..wonderful indian food….the chai…..yum….

Los Lobos….Fantastic Tapas……..

Cote Brasserie ….Soho……Amazing lunch,….


Chocolate….Paul A Young Chocolatier…..delicious….

Go check out the store Liberty…..LOVED it…..I was in serious trouble in there…..




and now just pretty pics…









and Windsor wedding this weekend !!!! I can’t believe we were there !!!!



It was a trip we will never forget…..


Have a nice weekend !

~ Kathleen




I reflected a lot yesterday on mothering….as I was served breakfast in bed ( love it every year, every time)

How mothering changes over the years…

When my kids were little they needed me all the time….now they need me in waves….

When they were little they always listened to my advice…now they listen, and take the parts they want to…

When they were little we did everything they have full lives that include many others….

But no matter what…..I am their mother….

When they need me I will be here…always…

When they need advice I will be here….always…

People will move in and out of their lives ….but I am the lucky one, I get to be there forever, a place in their life always….watching their journey….

Mothering changes, but one thing will always stay the same….me…..being their mama….

~ Kathleen


Friday Favorites

Continuing with our” London trip Favorite Things”…..was The Shoreditch Street Art Tour …..this was AMAZING…..and I think both our kids would say this was their favorite excursion….

A tour guide Dave walks you for three hours through Shoreditch, which is known for their Street Art scene, and breaks it down for you.

The differences between Street Art, Grafitti, and Street Writing…

He is extremely knowledgeable about the whole history of this world, and shared it passionately with all of us, he had us captivated. I have now found myself looking at this type of art everywhere.. Noticing it. My eyes are open…..

Some pics from Shoreditch….



Highly, highly recommend this tour if you are ever in London….

Shoreditch Street Art Tour….

Have a nice weekend!

~ Kathleen



A New View



I was at a dinner recently, and somebody at the table was asking each person what they did for a living.

Everyone had a job, and was enthusiastic about their work.

When it got to me , I stumbled….

For 21 years I have been saying….”I’m at home raising my two children.”

Well, I said that, and all of a sudden realized, I have a college girl and a 16 year old boy……

For the first time, it sounded weird.

Up till this point I had been joyous in my response, secure and validated in my choice ..( and lucky and grateful )…..

But this time, I heard myself say that, and felt like this chapter was changing.

There were so many reasons I wanted to stay home and not work…I will not bore you and list them , because I am sure most people are aware of them. But a few parts that really kept me from getting a job were :

Wanting to be free to volunteer at my children’s school during the day( I volunteered so much at my kids elementary school -joyfully-that new parents thought I worked there ) I LOVED DOING THIS…

Not wanting to miss any school performances or athletic games

Not wanting to miss out on picking them up from school, hearing about their days on the ride home, and helping with homework.


There is no more volunteering at school, my son does play basketball but I feel I could still make a good handful of those games, and my son can stay at school till 5 , so I  can get him, still get the conversation on way home and support him with work if he needs me to .

there is room for me to do this….

A little sad of what’s behind me…..very excited about what’s ahead….

~ Kathleen